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Industrial Piping

Modern provides superior commercial and industrial plumbing, pipefitting, code welding and HVAC/R service. Our experienced skilled tradespeople have a long history of unparalleled quality, expertise, and customer service.


Code Welding

We hold welding to the highest standard, both automated and manual.  We respect and understand that poorly constructed welds on high-pressure pipes can fail, causing potentially catastrophic consequences. You won’t find many contractors with the experience of Modern.


We adhere to the quality control codes established by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) to ensure precise and reliable results. Our dedication to quality is supported by passing the necessary ASME tests to earn three stamps of approval for different methods of coded welding: R, PP, and U.

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High Purity Division

Modern has manufactured and serviced hygienic piping systems since 1987. Our clients range from mid-sized chemical companies to large bio-pharmaceutical corporations.

Document Control

Our High Purity Division has worked closely with our customers to implement documentation controls, improving and expediting the Food and Drug Administration validation process. These controls dramatically increase the traceability of components included in a hygienic piping system. 


Our custom-designed databases have yielded response times for validation questions that were previously unattainable. The databases include links to the certifications measured during a BPE piping installation, including Purge Gas Certifications, Material Test Reports, and welder certification documentation. 

Quality Control

Quality Control at Modern is extremely important, and the High Purity Division leads the way. Our dedicated QC staff includes Material Inspectors and Certified Weld Inspectors. 


Modern retains the required instruments to meet ASME Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE) construction standards. Our QC staff maintains strict control over stock material waiting to be installed, such as measuring ovality and surface roughness. 


Modern Piping has invested in a fiberscope to allow  3rd parties and our own Certified Weld Inspectors to review weld quality. 



Our pipefitting/steamfitting clients range from small and commercial to large industrial, many of which are Fortune 500 companies. 


Modern has the necessary materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, and many other alloy metals ready to fuse through precise cutting, threading, grooving (Victaulic), bending, and welding to deliver the safest and most reliable pipefitting/steamfitting in the business.  


Modern has installed thousands of feet of process piping with several qualified orbital welders on staff. Our welders are qualified for ASME B31.3 and BPE weld procedures and have worked in several industries that utilize high purity piping systems, including food manufacturers, semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, and medical manufacturing. We understand the care installers use to provide systems that are subject to governmental audits and validation. The skilled tradesmen working on these systems are held to the utmost quality standards and the quality of their installations are verified several times throughout QC and documentation processes. 

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