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Modern performs many duties that streamline company offsite construction efforts. Our team monitors project progress and manages budget hours/final billings while working with pre-construction to incorporate new processes and efficiencies.

Piping Shop

Fabrication Shop

Our customers benefit from fabrication in many ways, including: 

  • Increased productivity over field fabrication 

  • Reduced safety hazards (less work performed on-site) 

  • ​Reduced material waste 

  • Common assemblies yield reduced design time 

  • Accelerated construction schedule 

  • Reduced costs 

  • Reduced job site congestion 

  • Reduced disruption of customer’s operations 

Sheet Metal Shop


Fabricating piping and HVAC ducting systems in a climate-controlled fabrication facility demonstrates proven benefits. Contractors who fabricate solely at job sites are unable to provide the necessary quality control measures, accurate cost estimating, and scheduling controls that are required in today’s fast-paced construction industry. We advocate for the maximum use of fabrication and have pioneered the development of new processes and technologies to lead the way.

Pl table


Modern’s headquarters in Cedar Rapids, IA houses one of the largest and best equipped mechanical fabrication facilities in the region. Our 90,000 sq/ft building houses a 70,000 sq/ft plumbing, piping and sheet metal fabrication area that contains:


  • (12) Large Fabrication Bays 

  • (1) Large Designated “Clean Room” Fabrication Area 

  • (8) Shipping & Receiving Drive-Through Doors

  • (1) Overhead Crane Spanning 9,200 sq./ft. loading area.

  • (5)Jib Cranes

  • (16) Miller® PipeWorx™ Weld Machines

  • (8) L.J. Welding, Inc. & Team Industries, Inc. Weld Positioners (2”-50”)

  • (1) Watts Specialties, Inc. Computer-Operated Pipe Plasma Pipe Cutter (2”-24”)

  • (4) Tri Tool, Inc. End Prep & J Bevel Machines

  • (1) 300AMP HD Machitech Plasma Table 6’ x 12’

  • (1) Iowa Precision Coil line 

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