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Modern works hard every day to bring the best quality and value to our clients. The earlier we are engaged on a project, the more value we bring and the better the outcomes. We understand the importance of effective collaboration between stakeholders. Our team works closely with owners, architects, engineers, and contractors to align goals and foster a harmonious construction process. No matter the delivery method we work diligently to ensure mechanical systems integrate seamlessly with the overall building design. 

Design Assist


Modern offers top-notch design-assist services that benefit clients by reducing expenses associated with construction changes during later phases, resulting in a more positive financial outcome for the entire project. We collaborate with the owners' preferred designers and engineers to address construction issues in the planning stage. As a valued member of the project team, we leverage our extensive knowledge of construction technology to recommend superior materials, develop more efficient systems, provide valuable insights on timelines, labor markets, vendors, lead times, and delivery considerations.


Construction Capabilities

  • Cost Estimating and Budget Development

  • Equipment and Material Selection and Procurement

  • Pre-Construction Design

  • Value Engineering

  • Prefabrication

  • Construction Scheduling

  • Contractor/Trade Coordination

  • Project Management

  • Post-Construction Maintenance and Service

Engineering Meeting

Modern’s engineering services strive to comprehend our clients’ requirements and provide tailored solutions. With an extensive knowledge of sustainable construction practices, prioritizing energy conservation, and utilizing cost-effective alternatives, we seek to provide the best possible outcomes.  

•    LEED-accredited 
•    Feasibility analysis
•    Forensic Investigation
•    Life cycle analysis
•    Valued Engineering
•    Project Auditing

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