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Compressed Air

Modern's Compressed Air staff has over 50 years of experience servicing, selling and maintaining compressed air systems in the industrial segment.

Our team specializes in servicing industrial air compressors, both oil free and oil injected, all makes and models, including centrifugal air compressors.


Air Compressors

Compressed air is often referred to as the fourth utility, alongside electricity, natural gas, and water. In any mechanical room, you'll typically find essential equipment such as air compressors, vacuums, and drying systems.

Modern proudly serves as a distributor for ELGi, a leading manufacturer in the compressed air industry.


Air Treatment

Air dryers remove corrosive water vapor from compressed air or pneumatic systems, lowering the dew point, or the temperature at which air must be cooled before condensation occurs.


Moisture in a compressed air system consumes more air and increases energy usage. The damages caused by moisture require component repair or replacement, which will negatively impact a plant’s productivity and bottom line. Over time, the savings accrued by installing air dryers to pneumatic systems will more than cover the investment. 


Medical Air

Modern distributes air compressors for the medical field, such as Powerex and Kobelco, and provides air compressor parts and maintenance for all brands throughout the Midwest. 

Modern also provides custom service and parts for all brands of compressed air equipment. For more details and ordering information about medical air compressors, contact us at (319) 841-1111. 


Compressed Air Piping

We install compressed air piping that maximizes your systems’ effectiveness. Our installers and servicemen have unrivaled industry experience with installing systems quickly and ensuring smooth operations into the future. 

Traditional materials for air compressor piping systems usually include stainless steel, copper, black iron, and galvanized steel. Recently, aluminum piping systems have proven to be a better option. Unlike steel, aluminum is not susceptible to corrosion and typically outperforms copper as well. It is also cheaper and easier to install and does not require threading to join the individual pipes.   


Modern is the regional distributor of AIR COM piping systems, with stocking locations throughout the Midwest. AIR COM offers a cost-effective, innovative, and energy-efficient aluminum compressed air piping system that is easy to assemble, change, and expand.

In addition to piping system maintenance and installation, we also have a large inventory of both fluid power and air preparation products in stock, such as air filters, regulators and lubricators, hose reels, fittings and tubing, and air compressors/dryers. Modern is truly a one-stop shop for air preparation needs and provides the entire compressed air line from start to finish. 


Audit Capabilities

Leak Detection Audit

Accounting for more than 40% of power expenses, compressed air stands out as one of the costliest energy consumptions in a manufacturing facility. Furthermore, nearly 50% of the generated air is wasted due to leaks, inefficient utilization, and unnecessary demand.

Benefits of a Leak Detection Audit:

  • Potential energy savings average between 20% to 30%, occasionally exceeding this range.

  • Enhance plant production efficiency by maintaining pressure within a narrow range of + or - 1 PSI.

  • Decrease energy expenses and repair expenditures.

  • Enhance system reliability.

  • Boost productivity.

  • Minimize instances of unscheduled downtime.

Energy Audit

An energy audit stands out as a valuable choice to enhance efficiency and cut down on operational costs. Modern’s energy audit furnishes insights into your business's energy consumption patterns. This service equips you with essential information to direct your focus on energy-saving enhancements effectively.


Throughout the energy audit process, we delve into your building's operational specifics, unearth energy-saving prospects, and propose strategies tailored to optimize your daily operations.

Demand Side Flow Audit

A demand-side assessment entails a comprehensive examination of the distribution system and the operations that utilize compressed air, as outlined by Compressed Air Best Practices.


Key areas for analysis may include:

  • High-speed, cyclical applications

  • Open blowing applications

  • Bag house pulses

  • Header pressure

  • Pressure drop locations

We're Proud of our Compressed Air Partnerships.

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