Modern Control Services designs, installs, and services building automation systems for many types of facilities.  Our control services were created in 2013 to provide customers with a better resource for building automation systems that were otherwise unavailable. 

We work regularly with Modern Piping and Modern Sheet Metal, combining resources and expertise to provide the best overall mechanical solutions for our customers. 






Buildings of virtually any size can benefit from our products and services, especially facilities with special climate control areas such as computer rooms and clean rooms. 

HVAC Controls

HVAC accounts for approximately half of the energy consumption in a typical building, which means efficiency is especially important. Our HVAC controllers monitor interior conditions and respond to load changes in a coordinated fashion to provide comfort and save energy.  


Our Control Services provide an array of Delta HVAC controllers, covering all HVAC applications from large central plants to zone terminal units and sensors. Our controllers exchange information constantly, ensuring collaboration between systems to maximize comfort and energy efficiency. 


Our technicians and programmers are building control experts that can help you design, install, and maintain your control system at peak efficiency. 


Systems Integration

We take pride in our ability to integrate systems seamlessly. Our Delta and Lynxspring integration products provide us with capabilities unavailable to our competitors. We can integrate both open protocol BACnet systems and closed protocol proprietary systems. 


Energy Management

Reducing energy costs while maintaining a healthy and productive environment makes any facility significantly more valuable. Modern Control Services and Delta Controls offer complete end-to-end energy management solutions. From meters to public displays, to sophisticated dashboard management software, we have the right products to reduce your energy consumption and costs.  

To learn more about our energy management capabilities, ask about our following products: 

  • enteliWEB – Energy Management Software 

  • Earthright™ Energy Dashboard – Public displays and touch screen kiosks 


Monitoring and Verification

Our Building Management Systems (BMS) cover applications such as HVAC, environmental monitoring, fire protection systems, alarms & surveillance systems, lift management systems, smart building technologies, and energy conservation methods.  


Lighting Controls

Roughly 40 percent of energy consumption in commercial buildings is due to lighting. Modern Control Services offers several solutions to better regulate such consumption by either retrofitting an older building control system or by installing the latest ultra-green design for new construction.  

Our systems utilize Daylighting techniques to reduce energy when necessary to meet light level requirements throughout the day. These techniques decrease energy consumption and increase occupant satisfaction by reducing glare. 

Building Access Controls

Our customized access control solutions can be standalone or fully integrated, existing on the same network as HVAC and lighting controls to complete an entire building controls network.  


Our systems provide many accountability and traceability features, including: 


  • Data monitoring and collection on card user activity, door activity, and access events 

  • Immediate notification via email for high-priority events like door breaches  

  • Integration with CCTV systems to provide additional information about secure and monitored areas  

  • BACnet integration and communication with other BACnet controllers 

  • Visibility and control on both Windows and web-based software as the end user wishes 

  • Expandability up to 50,000 card users 



We are proud partners with Siemens, Delta Controls, and Lynxspring. All three partners provide their own unique building automation solutions and we help our customers decide which system best suits their needs.  


We also support BACnet, the industry’s gold standard for software language protocol. We only install BACnet-capable devices to provide customers with flexibility rather than restrictions to proprietary, non-standard protocols. When we encounter such proprietary protocols, we can integrate, communicate, and control these systems through our partnerships.  


Whether it’s installing a new control system or integrating with an existing one, Modern Control Services has the products and expertise to provide our customers with ideal solutions for their individual needs.