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Modern Piping Inc. has been performing work for customers requiring hygienic piping systems since 1987. Our clients range from mid-sized chemical companies to large bio-pharmaceutical corporations.


Our High Purity Division has worked closely with our customers to implement documentation controls to improve and expedite the Food and Drug Administration validation process. These controls dramatically increase the traceability of the components included in a hygienic piping system.

Custom designed databases have resulted in response times to validation questions that were previously unattainable. Our databases include links to all of the certifications measured during a BPE piping installation. From Purge Gas Certifications to Material Test Reports to welder certification documentation, the answers are a mouse click away.


Quality Control at Modern Piping is extremely important to us and the High Purity Division leads the way. Our dedicated Q.C. staff consists of Material Inspectors and Certified Weld Inspectors.

Modern Piping Inc. possesses the instruments and equipment to meet the strict requirements of the BPE construction standards. From measuring ovality to surface roughness, our Q.C. staff maintains strict control over stock material waiting to be installed.

Inspections are not complete if you cannot view the weld, which is why Modern Piping Inc. as invested in a fiberscope to allow 3rd party or our own Certified Weld Inspectors to view weld quality.


Modern Piping Inc. currently possesses one of the largest inventories of automatic orbital welding equipment in Iowa and Minnesota. The following is a partial list of available equipment:

  • AMI Model 207A and 207HP programmable GTAW power supplies capable of welding tubing and thin wall pipe
  • AMI Model 8 and 9 Series double clamp fusion weld heads (9-500 to 9-7500) with tube/pipe O.D. diameter ranges from 0.093” to 7.500” and wall thicknesses from 0.01” to 0.16”
  • Wachs Cut-Off Saws
  • Wachs and Protem Facing Tools
  • Bacharach Purge Analyzers
  • Olympus 27MG Ultrasonic Thickness Gage
  • Mahr Federal Pocket Surf Profilometer
  • AMI Power Supply Cooling Units

Our orbital welding capabilities range from 3/8” all the way to 7-1/2” O.D. From 9-500 weld head to the massive 9-7500 and all sizes in between, Modern Piping Inc. possess the right welding equipment to make the highest quality orbital welds possible.

Modern Piping is committed to continuing improvement of our hygienic piping installations. The entire High Purity Division staff is pleased to provide these services for our clients. We are proud of the strong relationships we continue to enjoy with our high purity customers.