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“Safety First” is not just a slogan or catch phrase for us, it’s our daily goal.  It’s no secret the construction industry can be hazardous and we constantly strive to provide the safest work environment possible.

Project size, location and phase of construction are all of equal importance to us. The goal is simple….no injuries.

Key Components of our Safety Philosophy

Planning for safety begins with the design of the project and continues through the entire construction process, as well as post-construction service and maintenance.   Our “Safety First” philosophy includes the following key components:

  • Buy-in and support, starting at the top
  • Dedicated safety professionals on staff
  • Employee safety training program
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Safety rewards program
  • Routine “Toolbox Safety Talks” conducted by site foremen
  • Internal and external jobsite safety audits
  • Proper PPE training, use and enforcement